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Pull Out Testing
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Testing Equipment

Establish Accurate Load Levels

Here at Pull Out Testing UK, we utilise the latest technologies for all our testing services. That is why we use a wide range of industry approved or custom made test equipment and accessories for establishing the holding force of anchors, bolts and fixings in all construction materials.

Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are proficient in the use of all testing equipment products and have undertaken their training and received certificates of competence to the highest level. These are recognised by all local authorities and others in the industry.

Our comprehensive range of high quality equipment includes:

  • Heavy duty testers
  • Medium duty testers
  • Eye and ringbolt testers
  • Scaffold testing kits
  • Tension meters
  • Fall arrest system testers
  • Rope access system testers
  • Wall tie testers
  • Safety lifeline testers
  • Long stroke testers

Vast Range Of Equipment

Heavy duty testers
Our heavy duty testers are ideal for large construction fixings and can be applied to the pull out and shear testing of anchors and bolts on crash barriers, safety fencing and bridge parapet anchors or tower crane bases etc.

Medium duty testers
To confirm the holding power of anchors, bolts and safety wires in most construction materials, our highly skilled and experienced engineers use medium duty testers for most applications. This can establish the safe working loads of the material and the anchor via shear and pull out testing.

Scaffold testing kits
We are able to test anchorage systems for scaffolding to check the suitability and usable loads of anchors in many construction materials. To be carried out on all scaffolding, our testing ensures that all anchors have been installed correctly.

Cable tension meters
Fall arrest systems, guy ropes, tower and mast supports and rigging can all be tested with our tension meters.

Wall tie testers
Our wall tie testing service gives you long term guarantees and peace of mind as it allows our engineers to fully test the wall ties and ensure correct load capacities, as well as the strength and positioning.

Safety lifeline testers
We are able to test all safety lifelines to ensure full compliance with the Directive for Personal Protective Equipment and the new standard BS EN 795. We work in conjunction with installers of safety systems and harnesses.

Long stroke testers
Our long stroke testing service allows our highly skilled engineers to determine the strength and suitability of anchors, screws and fixings in roofing constructions.

If you would like any more information about the high quality equipment we use, please do not hesitate to contact us.